Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Blogging with Wacom Bamboo Special Edition

I bought a Wacom tablet last month. This is the first blog post I try to write with it in English. (I've tried that in Chinese.) It's nice to write instead of type, though it needs some training.

Writing in English on Windows 7 requires little training. The initial accuracy is not bad. In contrast, Snow Leopard couldn't recognize my handwriting at all. Experience of writing on Windows 7 is smooth. I can write in my way, which doesn't look good, and Windows 7 can recognize most of them. With some training, Windows 7 can do it better. Less correction is needed after writing several training sentences. And the correction works in a smart way. Windows 7 can remember what you have written even after you inserted them to the editing area, and it provides meaningful options if you want to correct a word. Space will be inserted if needed during correcting and editing. Windows 7 knows what words and sentences are.

Writing in Chinese doesn't include many features in English counterpart. You can't write freely on the baseline. You have to write one Chinese character in one box, and write them one by one. Correction is based on character instead of word. The good news is Windows 7 knows Chinese words and it recognizes Chinese characters by seeing it as part of a word. Snow Leopard doesn't supports Chinese recognition at all. I can only wish they do a better job with Lion.