Thursday, June 14, 2012

JAMBOX from Jawbone

JAMBOX from Jawbone

JAMBOX is my second purchase from Jawbone. I bought UP, and because a lot of people found hardware problem with UP Jawbone gave everybody $150 credit without asking it back. I didn't want to buy another headset so I got a JAMBOX.

The first JAMBOX I received was broken. It was frustrating. I tried my best to fix it because I don't want to give it a round trip to the US. The problem is the battery. It never charged. Updating firmware didn't help. There's no fix. When I talked to Jawbone, they sent me a new one after they confirmed my purchase and allowed me to ship the broken one back after I received the new one. That's convenient.

When I got the new one, I found that it sounds good! When I watch a movie on my iPad, I connect JAMBOX and it makes the surrounding sound more real. When I need to play Diablo III on my MacBook Pro, I also use JAMBOX to enhance the sound effect. It's a really good companion if you have several device with just okay speakers.

I also use it when I make conference call. I know it has a microphone but I think it's more convenient to use my computer's. I might put my JAMBOX at any place but I don't what to yell at my JAMBOX, so speaking to my computer feels more comfortable to me. (Maybe I should test JAMBOX's microphone range in the future.)

The only problem of JAMBOX is that it falls into sleep when it's connected but no sound is played. Sleeping is not a problem indeed, but waking up is. For instance, when you resume a movie that you paused, JAMBOX will wake up but skip a few seconds. Your computer doesn't know that and wouldn't wait for that, so if you pause during a conversation you will miss a few seconds of that conversation when resumed.

Maybe sleep is designed to save battery life, but I think the battery life is so good that it shouldn't sleep when idling for less than 5 minutes. I have fully charged my JAMBOX once, and it's still half full after two weeks. Why not allowing me delaying sleep while giving me better experience?

My overall experience with JAMBOX is good. If the price could be lower, I think there will be more people buying it to enhance their portable devices' sound.

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Friday, March 02, 2012

iOS Simulator disables system location services

When I wanted to make a change to my iCloud settings last night, I noticed that Find My Mac had a problem. The problem was location services was turned off, so I turned it on and went back to iCloud settings. However that annoying exclamation mark is still there.


Then I went to Security & Privacy panel and enabled it again and checked if it's reset when I left. The result is positive. Whenever I left this panel it's reset. That means there was something broken with my MacBook Air. Its mother board was just replaced and I don't want to visit Apple Store again. I wished it's just software

Security & Privacy

I googled it and found the answer. It's not the time zone. It's the iOS Simulator. I was experimenting something with jQuery Mobile and thus running iOS Simulator.

So does it mean if you lost your Mac when iOS Simulator is running you are not going to get it back by using Find My Mac? No. The location services toggle just appears to be off but no change actually happens to your Mac. I guess iOS Simulator's fake location just affects Mac's system level settings.