Thursday, December 29, 2011

UP to 72 hours

UP to 72 hours UP to 72 hours UP to 72 hours UP to 72 hours UP to 72 hours

Since I care more and more about my health, I started looking at health gadgets. Fitbit looks popular but Jawbone UP got my attention. It's new and the concept looks great: a bracelet that you don't need to be aware of. Unlike Fitbit, you don't need to remember clipping it to your clothes because you don't take it off.
After its launch, most reviews were positive. Then something just went wrong. People started reporting their UPs are dead after several days of use. I doubted if I should buy one but I still wanted to take the risk, so I bought one.
Now I've been using my UP for 72 hours and luckily it's not dead yet. I love using it though there are minor problems.
The good parts are it does encourage me to take more walk and track my meals. These two are very important to me. I'm spending too much time sitting and I'm eating too much, which make me uncomfortable. Reminding me every 30 minutes of sitting makes me leave the seat and refill my cup. Tracking meals helps me understand in what situation I might eat more than I should.
The sleep tracking satisfies my curiosity but that's all of it. I can do nothing to improve my sleep quality. I don't have an experiment plan to explore what affects my sleep yet.
The bad parts are it only tracks arm movement and it's not accurate in all circumstances. Workout tracking only tracks activities involve arm movement. Push up tracks nothing while brushing my teeth looks like some intensive workout.
Overall, I still like my UP and wish Jawbone could make it better in the future.
P.S. Because Beijing is covered by hazardous haze I only do indoor workout. That means GPS tracking is meaningless to me. I'll try that when I get back to Guangzhou.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Unboxing Xiaomi Phone

Unboxing Xiaomi PhoneUnboxing Xiaomi Phone Unboxing Xiaomi Phone Unboxing Xiaomi Phone Unboxing Xiaomi Phone Unboxing Xiaomi Phone

Just photos. No test. Maybe next time. Because my friend wants this phone really bad, I will give this one to him and try to get another as my Android test device.