Thursday, December 28, 2006

Google Talk is the only survivor after the earthquake!

After the South China Sea earthquake, at least 6 international cable connected with China is damaged. In China, we cannot login with Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger. We still can use Google Talk and Tencent QQ, but friends in foreign countries cannot login with Tencent QQ for it has no server outside China. So, Google Talk become the only choice, if you want to chat with foreign friends.

How about Skype? It's a P2P client. Yes, I can login with my Skype, with a very unstable connection. It disconnects every few seconds, and connects after another minute. I cannot chat with this unstable connection, so I gave up using Skype.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Internet is so slow here after the earthquake...

The Internet connection is quite slow in China, because at least 6 of the international cables connected with China were damaged yesterday night, during the earthquake in South China Sea. And it is heard that it needs a few days to repair these cables.

I cannot open almost any of the pages from foreign websites. I cannot login with my Windows Live Messenger. Anyway, Google's services, especially those have Simplified Chinese user interfaces, are accessible here, although they're a little bit slower than normal. Maybe because Google have some mirror servers in China.

I can login with my Google Talk, and I can open my Google Mail, so I'm still connected with my foreign friends.  Some friends outside China start asking me why they cannot visit some Chinese websites, and I just tell them the truth.

I hope those cables could be repair as soon as possible, because this slow connection makes me really frustrated, for "refresh" and "retry" are my "favorite" buttons now.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Mobile Blogging with Opera Mini 3.0

After upgraded to Opera Mini 3.0, I found out that it can upload photos to blog. I registered an Opera Community account instantly, and took a photo to upload. After uploading the photo, I entered some text for title and content and clicked submit, and the post has been published. It's great!

I was dreamming about an easy way for mobile blogging, and I think Opera Mini 3.0 would be just the right way. It's easy enough to use, and just take a little time to publish a post with one photo. In one day, I can publish 2 or 3 posts without interrupting my jobs or wasting a lot of time.

Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you the name and address of my mobile blog. It's called Cat in Mobile. And you can subscibe to its RSS feed.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Bad Network Adapter

The hardware network connection fails every few seconds or minutes. This really makes me frustrated!

The campus has just upgraded the network authentication by using 802.1X. We have to use an H3C client software to login the campus network, because they're using the Huawei-3Com routers. Every time I lose my network connection, I lose my login, and I have to logout explicitly after I fix the hardware connection problem and then try to re-login.

Before I get my network adapter fixed, I think I would not try to use any wireness connection, because the login procedure makes me feel that it's just a waste of time. If I want to use the Internet, I would like to find some place covered by wifi signal and use wireless connection, or maybe just use Opera mini in my phone and access the Internet via GPRS.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I am available to ...

I am available to my codes. Reading or writing codes are both fine. Nice codes are just like nice articles, can make me feel they are the only truth I should believe in.

I am available to my thoughts. One hour silent time for my thoughts per day would be quite nice. Reviewing what I have done is necessary, while planning for the future is enjoyable. Enjoyable? Right. Reviewing don't need too much imagination, while planning do. And the combination of imagination and realization makes my life enjoyable.

I am available to my friends. Friends that would like to share the same passion to codes and thoughts with me are rare. Without this kind of rare friends, my imagination would be drained, and my codes and thoughts would become ashes.