Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Internet is so slow here after the earthquake...

The Internet connection is quite slow in China, because at least 6 of the international cables connected with China were damaged yesterday night, during the earthquake in South China Sea. And it is heard that it needs a few days to repair these cables.

I cannot open almost any of the pages from foreign websites. I cannot login with my Windows Live Messenger. Anyway, Google's services, especially those have Simplified Chinese user interfaces, are accessible here, although they're a little bit slower than normal. Maybe because Google have some mirror servers in China.

I can login with my Google Talk, and I can open my Google Mail, so I'm still connected with my foreign friends.  Some friends outside China start asking me why they cannot visit some Chinese websites, and I just tell them the truth.

I hope those cables could be repair as soon as possible, because this slow connection makes me really frustrated, for "refresh" and "retry" are my "favorite" buttons now.

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