Friday, December 07, 2007

Internship at, Inc

My web development engineer internship in officially started last Wednesday. So far, I have been in this city for 12 days. Right! 12 busy days!

I flew to Beijing last Tuesday morning, took a lunch at McDonald's, and visited the company as a guest at the afternoon. Process of checking in was scheduled on Wednesday, and it took the whole morning. And then, I became a member of technical support group of service operation division under technical department. A web development engineer under technical support group sounds weird, right? At least I think so.

That is caused by a so-called historical problem. Before the company has a portal search, which means when it was still a search solution provider to other portals, technical support group wrote web pages for consumers and helped them consuming the core search service. The group played the role as consumer technical support, and ran under service operation division.

Nowadays, technical support group mostly acts as template support, which means writing templates for all kind of products. We also do front-end researches, in fields like web standards and JavaScript programming. There are many talented people in our group, and we share all information and knowledge we have freely via emails, blogs, and internal magazines.

So far, I enjoy working here, as I can take projects that I feel passionate with. I think would be a passionate start of my career.

P.S. My CV has been updated, for my TOEFL score was out and my internship started.


  1. Well written article.

  2. Hey, I would like to know how you scored with a baidu intership? I am highly interested with interning with Baidu as well and I hope you can share with me some information. Thank you very much.

    email me at

    Your reply is much appreciated.

  3. hi there, i'm looking to do my internship in baidu as well. just wondering how did you find the opportunity or it came to you? if there's any website or people's contact you may share. please email me at


  4. Hello, same question for me (only 2 years later): how did you find this internship? Maybe you're still watching this blog and can help me by mail:

  5. I have an alumni who works in Baidu at that time. If you are interested in, you can find positions on or contact me.